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Dental Plans


  Band 1 £21.60 This is for a check-up, x-rays and a simple scale and polish
  Band 2 £59.10 This includes fillings, extractions, root canal treatment
  Band 3 £256.50 More complex treatment, including crowns, bridges and dentures
We will refer patients if needed for emergency treatment or for a specialist opinion for more complex treatment such as orthodontic work, implants or treatment involving sedation.

Routine Dental Examinations

Your dentist will advise you when you should make your next routine examination appointment (according to the NICE guidelines).

We will send reminders by text message or email (whichever you specify as most convenient).  If you do not have a mobile phone or an email address, please make a note in your diary when you are next due, and contact us to make the appointment.

**Please note that we send reminders as a courtesy, it is the responsibility of the patient to ensure they remain on the NHS dental list by regularly attending the practice.

We accept cash and debit/credit cards for payment of treatment.

N.H.S. Treatment

After your examination you will be provided with a written treatment plan and estimate of cost.

We also provide an extensive range of private treatments.

NHS treatment is charged into one of three bands as shown in the table above.

Please note that the NHS plan to increase fees from 1st April 2019.



We offer a range of private options. You have the choice of:

1) paying for your treatment   "as you go"
2) entering into our Denplan payment plans.

Whatever your choice, you can discuss this with our Practice Manager or Head Receptionist. The private option plans include routine care, such as examinations and fillings, but can also involve cosmetic work. Cosmetic treatments include tooth bleaching/whitening, white fillings in back teeth, veneers, and more advanced crown/bridge and denture work. We will endeavour to give you an estimate for your treatment plan after your initial examination.


  Treatment Private "Pay as you go" Denplan
  Initial Consultation £85 (this includes necessary x-rays and a simple scale and polish). We will endeavour to provide an estimate of costs involved for any treatment that is needed at this visit £65 (including 2 xrays) £35 Special offer
  Dental Examination £40 Included in plan
  Xrays £7 Included in plan
  Hygienist £40 Included in plan
  Composite fillings from £50 Included in plan
  Amalgam fillings from £45 Included in plan
  RCT From £200 Included in plan
  Extractions £50 Included in plan
  Extractions (more complex) from £80 Included in plan
  Porcelain Veneer £350 Lab fee only
  Porcelain bonded crown and gold crowns from £385 Lab fee only
  Re-cement crown £45 Lab fee only
  Dentures – upper and lower from £600 Lab fee only
  Denture – single arch from £325 Lab fee only
  Sports shield from £65 Lab fee only
  Tooth whitening (Zoom in surgery treatment) £499 £499
  Tooth whitening – take home bleach £360 £360
 Bridge 1 retainer, 1 pontic £650 Lab fee only
  Bridge 3 unit £1110 Lab fee only
  Maryland Bridge £550 Lab fee only

In surgery tooth bleaching now available - please ask reception for details

* This table is intended as a guide, a full treatment plan will be given to you at your consultation